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Teaching Methodology

We, at LITTLE GENIUS, realize that the child’s time spent with us is vital to initiate his/her intellectual and spiritual growth. We have taken care to provide an environment that is stimulating and help in your child’s overall growth.

We believe that each child has a unique learning style and we respect the uniqueness. When a child does any activity at our school, you can be sure that it is contributing directly to your child's physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Our play schools offer wholesome, fun-filled and memorable childhood education to our children.

Our Method

At LITTLE GENIUS, every child gets his/her education through various educational methods based on the developmental needs of the child; the activities are full of FUN and LEARNING. Every child is given full freedom to explore the world around him. Teaching and Learning is not just restricted to classrooms, the child is exposed to diverse activities such as Arts and Craft, Sports, sand play, Water Play, Dancing & Role Play, Audio – Visual Shows, Library Time [ Toys & Books ], Field Trips and many more. At LITTLE GENIUS, we don’t do different things, we just do things differently. Undoubtedly this makes LITTLE GENIUS ……….. Your child’s favourite home.

Our Teaching Philosophy:

  • Children need a nurturing environment
  • Love is the most important element of education
  • Education should be fun
  • Education should be such that a child wants to learn
  • Each child is unique
  • Every child deserves to feel special

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