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Dr. Maria Montessori founded a theory of education that has had a profound influence on the lives of thousands of children throughout the world since the beginning of the 20th century.

Beginning her work almost a century ago, Dr. Maria Montessori developed this educational approach based on her understanding of children's natural learning tendencies as they unfold in "prepared environments" for multi-age groups (0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and 12-14).

The Montessori approach offers a broad vision of education as an aid to life. It is designed to help children with their task of inner construction as they grow from childhood to maturity. It succeeds because it draws its principles from the natural development of the child. Its flexibility provides a matrix within which each individual child's inner directives freely guide the child toward wholesome growth.

Montessori classrooms provide a prepared environment where children are free to respond to their natural tendency to work. The children's innate passion for learning is encouraged by giving them opportunities to engage in spontaneous, purposeful activities with the guidance of a trained adult.

The Montessori environment contains specially designed, manipulative "materials for development" that invite children to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice. Under the guidance of a trained teacher, children in a Montessori classroom learn by making discoveries with the materials, cultivating concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning. Within a framework of order, the children progress at their own pace and rhythm, according to their individual capabilities.

Dr. Maria Montessori opened the first ever Montessori School in San Lorenzo, Rome, in 1907.

Today, Montessori schools are found worldwide, serving children from birth through adolescence.


PINNACLE EDUCATION & RESEARCH INSTITUTE (PERI) is a govt. of Assam recognized society under societies registration act and a ISO 9001:2008 organization accredited by JAS-ANZ, Australia. It is a pioneer institute in entire North providing pre-primary and primary teachers training and a leading service provider in pre school education. PERI is a member of Indian Montessori Foundation (IMF) which is a affiliate of Association Montessori International (AMI)


To maintain the rich Montessori tradition by promoting the most up-to-date and comprehensive courses and child development services based on the Montessori Method of Education.


To be a leading educational institution India, with excellent services and total commitment to our customers’ requirements.

Our objectives are three fold:

  1. To conduct Montessori teacher training course to adult women wishing to acquire a specialized technique for constructive channelizing of intellectual growth along with a psychological understanding of children.
  2. Assist them in securing jobs in schools already in existence. The training also helps young mothers in bringing up their children in a more positive and constructive manner.
  3. To assist these teachers, by giving them all the technical and practical know-how in opening their own pre-primary and primary schools.
    The training is student centric and adult women are taught in the Montessori methodology with the aim of securing employment in schools. This course enables them to be managerially and technically skilled so much so that these women can open there own pre schools and curb unemployment


To provide effective Montessori training that meets the skill requirement to become a complete and professional Montessori teacher.


To equip Montessori teachers with the resources and knowledge needed to provide an enriched learning experience for every child under her care and guidance.


There are tremendous opportunities exist in Montessori Teaching occupations. Montessori trained educator are in high demand worldwide. More parents today, than ever before, understand the benefits of Montessori Method, and find the security they seek in entrusting their child’s care to the Montessori teacher in a caring, safe, and enriched environment. Quality Montessori House of Children is in great demand as conscious parents search for stimulative educational environments where their children will thrive and embrace learning. Recent survey conducted by ‘MONTESSORI INTERNATIONAL’, a voluntary organization in USA, shows that 50% of Pre and Primary schools in USA have already adopted Montessori Method. Similar trend is visible in India including Assam and other N.E States as the parents are getting more and more conscious about the benefits of proper method of early childhood education.


Those who want to work with children: This course is highly recommended for young people interested in helping small children. It is also of great value for future parenthood. On successful completion of this course, one could find suitable jobs in Montessori Pre- schools and Primary schools.

Teachers: This course is recommended to all experienced teachers of young children who wish to gain insight into the best way to individualize their teaching curriculum. Teachers should consider this course as an up gradation and could implement the Montessori methodology in the conventional schools.

Lady Entrepreneurs: The course includes the lesson on setting up a Montessori classroom or a Montessori. We will provide complete support for setting up a Montessori house of children / school.


Female candidates of age 18 years and above and have passed their class XII examination or equivalent are eligible for admission.

Course structure and duration:

1. Advance diploma in pre-primary and primary teachers training
Course duration: One year

2. Diploma in Montessori (pre-primary) Teachers Training
Course duration: Six Months

3. Certificate course in Montessori Teachers Training
Course duration: Three months

About the instructors, teaching staffs and infrastructures:

Well-trained teachers are capable of improving not only the quality of education but also the quality of life as they are actively engaged in building the human resource of the future. Primary Teacher's training is even more important as elementary education plays a very important role in a person's life. A Primary Education Teacher Trainer’s role will be to provide formal and informal training and support to elementary school teacher. Our all trainer and instructors are well trained and well experienced in this field.

We have well equipped state-of –art practical lab and class rooms for doing all the training activities.


The course covers the application of the Montessori method of education to children from two and a half to six years of age and primary method of education for children from six to ten years of age.

The course consists of the following subjects:
  • Principles of Education
  • Child Psychology
  • School organization
  • The theory of the Montessori method
  • Early Childhood care & Education
  • Demonstration and Explanation of the Montessori Apparatus
  • General Methods
  • Art & Crafts workshop
  • Rhymes and Story Telling sessions
  • Lesson plan and classroom Teaching Practice


These series of lectures deal with the function and presentation of the means of development (apparatus) offered to children from to and half to six years of age in a Montessori house of children. According to their aims they are divided in to four groups as follows:

  1. The acquisition of coordination of movement and practical independence in ordinary daily life.
  2. Sensorial training as a means for intelligent exploration of environment and development of consciousness.
  3. The development of spoken and written language.
  4. The development of the mathematical mind (four simple operations in arithmetic and geometry).


Covers the teacher and methodology, different methods of teaching pre-primary and primary children, general ideas co-curricular records, lesson plans.


a) Lectures: will be delivered in English.

b) Practical Classes: where students will handle the materials and acquire the technique of its presentation and use.

c) Written work: during the course students who wish to qualify are required to prepare :-

  • A “Material- file” containing the illustrations and description of the various parts of the Montessori apparatus, their exercises and aims etc.
  • “Geometry-book and cards” containing diagram in cut-out paper of parts of the geometrical apparatus and its possibilities.
  • Botany and Zoology nomenclature cards.
  • Lesson Plans.


The examination consists of 2 parts – Theoretical and Practical. The Theoretical part consist of:-

  • Child psychology
  • The Theory of the Montessori Method
  • General Methods and School Organization
  • Principles of Education

The Practical part consists of:-

  • Demonstration of the Montessori Apparatus
  • Examiner Assessment: Lesson plan demonstration
  • Examiner Assessment: Rhymes & Story Telling demonstration
  • Examiner Assessment: Psychology file demonstration

About the diploma

Candidates emerging successful after the final diploma examination shall be awarded the diploma by PINNACLE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE which is recognized by govt. of Assam under societies registration act and internationally recognized and accredited by JAS-ANZ, Australia (ISO 9001:2008) . PERI is an authorized study centre of K K Handique State Open University recognized by UGC,NCTE.


The demand for Montessori trained teacher is large and increasing day by day. Today even Non-Montessori/conventional schools preferred to recruit Montessori qualified teachers for their pre-primary and primary section. PERI will assist successful students in finding suitable employment in the reputed schools of Guwahati or in other places of Assam. PERI’s placement cell has tie-up with several reputed schools of Guwahati for recruitment and selection of teaching staffs. Interested candidates may register their name for the same at PERI’s placement cell.

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